I was fortunate to be asked to be involved in the Horse Racing Ireland ‘Race Behind the Scenes’ campaign, which is now ‘Live’ and I am very pleased to be supporting the initiative.

Horse Racing Ireland will run a series of events from Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September, where racehorse trainers and owners will speak at different webinars, sharing  their views with members of the public who register for free on racehorseownership.ie/rbs in advance of the events.

In addition to the scheduled events, there will be an opportunity to virtually gain access to a racehorse trainer’s yard from the comfort of your own home.

A wide variety of Ireland’s training yards will be available to tour on the website and people can enjoy a virtual experience of the yards’ facilities, they will learn more information about the yards’ directly from the trainers.

The Owners section which will feature information on the thrill of racehorse ownership from the owners themselves and a World of Racing section, which features a wide range of content, such as information on what it takes to be a race commentator, how to break a horse, learning what a farrier does and everything in between.

The Copper Beech Stables video now appears on the HRI social media channels.  The website address for the campaign is www.racehorseownership.ie/rbs , where links to register for the webinars along with a video library of all things racing can be found.  The hashtag is ‘#racebehindthescenes’ and the social handles are @hriowners on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.